Concertino Muziekonderwijs (CMO) is the only music school for the Jewish community in the Netherlands. Located in the facility of the Jewish preliminary school Rosj Pina, CMO already has more than 150 students from ages of 4 to 21 and from every part of the Jewish community in and around Amsterdam.


Music program is an essential part in general education
Music education expands the horizon of the students and contributes to the development of thinking and creativity .

The nature of music education encourages discipline, openness, better
communication, focus, creativity, working towards short and long term goals, concentration, focused work and the ability to practice.
In addition, the performance side of music education will encourage and develop the student ability to deal with pressure, standing in front of an audience and gain confidence in front of public and in public situations. The group and ensemble playing is developing better listening, communication and social skills



Concertino Muziekonderwijs, because music makes dreams come true

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